Can you ship a car if you still owe money on it?


Cross-country travel should be prepared in the same way you prepare for your journey. These are the key steps to ensure your vehicle is ready for cross-country shipping. Before you ship your vehicle, take photographs. It would be best if you washed your car’s exterior and interior. Washing your car’s exterior and interior before sending it can make it more durable, even though it may seem counterintuitive. Now it’s time to take detailed photographs of your car’s interior and exterior after you have washed it.

Be sure to note any pre-existing damage and remove all valuables from the vehicle’s interior. It is better to ship with a company that will not take responsibility for any minor cracks or dents. This is more of an insurance precaution to protect your Classic & Antique Car Tranport against being damaged by another person. It is a good idea not to keep any valuables in your glovebox, including paperwork or other items.

Before you give your car to shippers, fill your gas tank up to 25%. You’ll need enough gas to make it through the inevitable stop-and-go traffic. You should not fill it up too much, as heavy gas tanks can cause the truck to lose more gas mileage.

Give a set of keys to the driver. Last, take your car to the truck driver. You’ll need to give the driver a set. The driver should have at least two keys. You will need to provide your spare or only critical to the driver to enable them to shift cars from pick-up to drop-off. The truck driver does not require proof of ownership. Anyone can ship the vehicle if they have the keys and are willing to sign the Bill of Lading.

When shipping your car, safety is the most critical concern. Even if you send your car open-air, your vehicle will still be safe. Statistics show that only one claim is made for every 200 shipments. These are often minor things like a scratch or dent on the bumper. The vehicle will be placed in the middle or back of the car transport truck or behind it. Your windshield and undercarriage will be protected from any stones or other debris.

It is essential to keep your vehicle insured. Car shipping companies that are the best will insure your vehicle while it is still in your possession. By looking at their shipping policies, you can easily distinguish between a high-quality shipping company and an average one. Any company without a minimum of six-figure policies should be avoided. You want to work with the most trustworthy company to insure your vehicle.

It is better not to have enough insurance than too little. The only insurance source you have is not your car shipping company. Your auto insurance company can help you determine what shipping coverage is available to you. It is not wise to rely on your vehicle insurance for shipping coverage. You should still have it, even if the trucking company has a dispute regarding damages.

It can be challenging to ship cars. It cannot be easy to transport cars. This is a major logistical challenge. It is crucial to plan for car transport on the open road—next section. Working with a logistics company ensures you pick the most efficient, logical, and cost-effective route. This will ensure that your car ships quickly and on schedule.

Shipping expedited is less expensive than standard shipping. Many car shipping customers prefer our expedited shipping. We are so happy they chose expedited shipping!

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