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It is not easy to come up with gift ideas that will appeal to women who have it all. A thoughtful, personal, and unique gift that she will use is the best way to go if she is difficult to shop for.

Here are some ideas to get you started. These gift ideas will be a hit with women, regardless of whether they are looking for something special for Mother’s Day, a birthday or just because. These gift ideas are great for anyone who wants to be a home chef, someone who needs a spa day or just about anyone who loses their keys. We also reached out to Laura Jenning (founder and CEO of Knack) and DaynaIsom Johnson (Etsy’s trend expert) for their tips on how to pick a thoughtful gift for women.

Jenning states that “Gifts with a story, or a reason behind them will always be memorable.” Consider what you know about your recipient when gifting. What do you know about her? Do you prefer tea or coffee? Do you think she is more likely to spend time alone, or with family and close friends? The Chili Crunch variety pack is a great gift for anyone who loves spicy condiments. This variety pack contains three flavors of David Chang’s spicy and crunchy chili oil. The original, black truffle, and extra-spicy with dried habanero. These three oils can add incredible flavor to any dish, and different amounts of heat.

We compiled these tips to help us choose the best gifts that will suit all kinds of women. You can read on to find out all our recommendations, and then shop our favorites below. Isom Johnson loves personalized art. It can be anything from a pet portrait to a custom illustration. We love the simple look of these custom-illustrated portraits. They are created in the U.K. using your chosen photo. It is possible to either have it delivered to your home as a digital file, so you can print the image yourself, or you can order it printed on premium paper and sent directly to you.

While chocolate and coffee are great gifts, you can make her a truly memorable gift by giving her this combo box. The box contains four bags of freshly roasted coffee beans (you can choose whole beans or grounds) and four artisan chocolate bars in Orange Blossom Espresso. She will also get tasting notes for each pairing, so she can be a coffee and chocolat expert.

When there are no set budgets, rules or guidelines (like white elephant gift exchanges), it can be hard to determine how much to spend on a gift. While there’s no way to determine an exact dollar amount with certainty, there are several things you can consider in order to arrive at a suitable number.

Jenning states that “in general, we find the average gift to women is just below $100.” This number can vary depending on your relationship with her, the occasion and your personal circumstances. An inexpensive “just thinking about You” gift can be as memorable for someone close to you as a large, expensive gift on her birthday. It arrives when she isn’t expecting it.

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