What Is Microblading?


The procedure lasts anywhere from 12 to 30 months. The procedure of microblading your eyebrows is done in two stages. Your brow specialist will first use a thin blade to create tiny incisions on your skin. This is the beginning of a more realistic eyebrow. Second step is 6-8 weeks after the first, when you return for your touch-up.

You should see results in two months after your eyebrows heal. You can then come back whenever you want, but most people visit once or twice a year to touch up. You should give your eyebrows the attention they deserve after microblading. It is important to take care Microblading Köln of your eyebrows after microblading.

It can take 4-6 weeks to heal your eyebrows completely. During this period, you’ll see them go through various phases. You must be careful during the first week and not touch the eyebrows with any products such as makeup, water or soap. After your treatment, you’ll be given a healing cream to use on your brows. You should avoid these things after your microblading treatment:

It is important to avoid getting your eyebrows wet during the healing phase. What if I need to wash my hair? What should you do? Following are some suggestions on washing hair after microblading. It’s best to wash hair prior to the procedure, as this will prevent premature fading and affect pigmentation.

The surface of your brows will heal in approximately 2 weeks, although the healing process can continue for as long as 6 weeks. The aftercare during this period is crucial. Some of the instructions for aftercare include: avoiding using makeup, getting the brows moist, swimming, sweating or exposing them the sun. Even if your eyebrows are protected properly, you should not spend too long in the shower. Showering too quickly and at a low temperature can affect pigmentation.

You can use dry shampoo to prolong the time between hair washes after microblading. To prolong your time between washings, make sure to wash your hair prior to the treatment. Use dry shampoo as much as possible afterward. It is more difficult but safer to wash hair this way. Be sure to turn your head sideways and lean forward as you flip your hair. So, water will not drip on your face. Do not rush, and take care to avoid exposing your eyebrows to shampoo.

The plastic visor is a good way to protect the eyebrows when washing hair. For a little money, you can purchase one and use it to heal your eyebrows. Another tip would be to apply a thin coating of recommended healing balm to your eyebrows in the shower to shield them from steam. Wipe it off afterwards.

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